There are Three Options, Baby, Three Options

August 24, 2016 Baby DonDon has a problem and maybe you can help. Many of you are still wondering about my goals. Me too. I see three options. First, I

They Didn’t Even Say Melania Was a Hooker

August 24, 2016 Baby DonDon just did something YUGE! And how often do I say that? Well, okay, okay, but this time I mean it. So Trump Revealed, the book

Campaign Declares Rudy Giuliani Legally Insane

August 23, 2016 Baby DonDon rarely says this, but he made a mistake. And the mistake’s name is Rudy Giuliani. When we watched Rudy become unhinged during his frenzied convention

You Don’t Ever Want to See Me Really Mad

August 22, 2016 I am so mad at the hosts of Morning Joe, Joe “Benedict Arnold” Scarborough and Mika “Zika” Brzezinski, and today the pimple just exploded. Zika Mika said