Flake News, Flake News!

October 24, 2017 The junior senator from Arizona, Jeff “I’m Your Favorite Snowflake” Flake, has caved! He’s not running for reelection! He’s scared! He’s off cryin’ to his mama! Don’t

Change We Can’t Believe In

October 23, 2017 So three EPA scientists were set to give talks on “climate change” (??????NOT!!!!!HOAX!!!CHINA!!!!) at a Rhode Island conference, but then EPA destroyer-in-chief Scott “Do It” Pruitt told

Peggy Knew-None and Sarah Palin

October 22, 2017 Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran Peggy KnewNone’s column titled “Trump May Be Following Palin’s Trajectory.” Not gonna happen, not gonna happen. She says I may follow

The Good, the Baddy Bad and the Goodie Good Bad Bad Baddy Bad

October 21, 2017 Super Baby DonDon has a problem. A nice problem. Now that I know General Kelly is willing to lie his ass off for me even while discussing