I Feel the Love


September 4, 2016

I know you follow this site because you love Baby DonDon. Baby DonDon appreciates that. So the obvious question is: how much money should you give to the Baby DonDon campaign?

It’s a good question. It is, arguably, the best question. My close black friend Dr. Ben Carson—my African-American!—believes in tithing, so it might make sense to give me 10% of your income or 10% of your net worth, whichever is larger.

Legally, of course, you can only give me $2,700 per person. But you can give an unlimited amount to my America Sucks Super PAC. Unlimited is good. Baby DonDon likes unlimited.

I can do great things with your money, things far greater than you can do with your money. So, really, shouldn’t your money be my money instead?

Thank you.

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Andrew Feinberg is the author of Four Score and Seven, a novel that imagines Abe Lincoln comes back to life for two weeks during the 2016 campaign and encounters a candidate who, some say, resembles Donald Trump. It is available on Amazon. He is the author or co-author of five non-fiction books. His political journalism and humor have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, GQ, Barron's and Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

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